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A Brief History Battle of Badr

A Brief History of the Battle of Badr - The battle of Badr was the first in the history of Islam, where the opposing side amounts to three times more than the Muslims. The Muslim army at that time was only 313 people, 70 camels, horses and 8 2 of the sword. The Islamic Prophet Muhammad. must share a camel with Abu Lubaba, so Ali Ibn Abi Talib and as Muslims. As for the opposing side in the battle of BADR is composed of 1000 troops armed to the teeth, 700 camels and 100 horses.

The battle of Badr, according to Encyclopedia written Azyumarid Azra occurred on 7 Ramadan a.h. 2 year War occurred in the Valley of Badr, 125 km south of Maddinah. The battle of BADR is a pinnacle of the dispute between the Muslims and Quraysh of Mecca mushrikeen Medina. The battle of Badr was caused by the actions of the expulsion and expropriation of the property of the Muslims that undertaken by the pagan Quraysh. In addition the quraish is constantly working to destroy the Muslims so that their patron of Commerce and assured.

The cause of the battle of Badr

The Quraish troops who attacked the Muslims in Medina led by Kurz Bin Jabirdari Makkah. This force attacked the Muslims from the suburbs of Medina, then seized the goats and camels. Viewed attack from the quraish in Medina, Prophet Muhammad. later led his own troops to pursue Kurz. many people refer to this event as the battle of BADR 1. The Islamic Prophet Muhammad. himself and his troops went to Badr to cut off the trade route from makkah and Sham. This is done the Muslims just to show the power, without wishing to conduct the war.

A Brief History of the Battle of Badr

After the army of Muslims clashed with troops at the battle of BADR Kurz, apparently threatened the Muslims got the counteroffensive from the Quraish who trademark Caliph totaled 40 people. To show the power of the Muslims and the quraish did not dare to mention the annoying, they then came out with 300 more soldiers. See a lot of the power of the Caliph of Muslims, the trade was finally ran away to escape. But Abu Sofyan who successfully captured Muslims, managed to deliver a message to his people, the quraish tribe, to come rescue him.

The Strategy Of The Battle Of Badr

The Strategy Of The Battle Of Badr. Finally, the quraish forward with a large army consisting of 1000 people, 600 war clothes, ponytail, 100 700 camels, and food supplies. See the Quraysh army to attack the Muslims, then quickly built, stratagem start from a position of troops up to measure the strength of your opponent. Initially, The Prophet Muhammad. Set positions in one place. However, when his friend "Hubab" asking whether that position is the guidance of God and the Prophet Muhammad. answer "no", then the other strategies suggested Hubab, i.e. debuted the front end turning against Wells. Thus, the quraish was expected to fight without water access, while the Muslims have lots of spare water for drinking during the war.

Sa'ad bin Muadh, then proposing building a fortress that used to protect Prophet Muhammad during the battle of BADR took place, as well as the headquarters for the army of Muslims. The Islamic Prophet Muhammad. and Abu Bakr lived in the fortress, while Saad Ibn Muadh and a group of men guarding it. This strategy is used because the Muslims feel objected when the Prophet Muhammad. are at the forefront. They worry if the Muslims forces defeated, then their leaders were taken prisoner.

To know the power of the enemy in the battle of Badr, the Prophet Muhammad sent his best friend to see the large number of camels that were cut for fine dining the Quraysh army. After the companions of doing reconnaissance, it turns out that the Quraish Troops slaughtering 9-10 tail. From these results, the Prophet muhammad can be interpreted that the amount of force your opponent around 1000 people.

In this battle of Badr, the quraish would have loved to win it so that the whole Arab nation feel afraid of them. They sought to destroy the Muslims and get Majesty as well as his prowess. While for Muslims themselves, this war was the first war after hijrah from Makkah to Madinah. The battle of BADR is also the living dead in the history of warfare. For when the Muslims who have such little followers lost the war and killed all of, then there will be no continuation of the teachings of Islam 

In One Of The Battle Of Badr

In one of the battle of Badr, the battle of BADR is inevitable. At first, the bully of the respective camps forward mutual you met each other. Azwad bin Abdul Asad from the Quraysh crashing forward and immediately fell down by the sword, then the two brothers Hamzah Uthba and Syaiba bin Rabia, sera Walid child Uthba forward along that immediately disongsong Hamzah, Ali, Ubaida Ibn Harith and. A third of those killed Quraysh whiz exposed sabetan each sword master of the Muslims.

Finally, the battle of BADR in any simultaneously occur on all lines. Bilal Ibn Rabah of the Muslims succeeded in killing twelve of his master, Umayya. The battle continues to rage and made the Quraysh army loses. Towards the end of the war, pasuka Muslims are divided into three groups. One group pursued the fleeing heathen forces. The second group gathers the remains of war scattered. As for the third group stands surrounding the Prophet Muhammad Saw, just in case if there is an enemy of the people sneaking about to harm them.

The End Of The Battle Of Badr

The end of the battle of Badr was marked by the victory of the Muslims. Some people are successful the quraish were taken prisoner. Regarding the captivity of the Muslims argue about how to handle it. Abu Bakr known meek, demanded that prisoners being held reasonably to the quraish redeem it. And, it is already a tradition of Arab Nations if there is a war and there is a prisoner. However Umar who has the attitude of resolute violently and asked that all prisoners killed. Finally the Prophet Muhammad decided to take the opinion of Abu Bakr.

After the battle of BADR is over, the quraish in Mecca is very grim. Returning from the war, Abu Lahab any fever until he died. However, the Hind Ibn Uthba thus raising back strength. He vowed revenge of the death of a father, uncle, and his brothers at the time of the battle of BADR took place. And the oath he proved in the battle of Uhud, the next great war. (to find out the history of the battle of Uhud, will be posted in the next article)

Conclusions Of an expert on the history of non-Muslims, the battle of BADR is a very important war in the history of human life, because the long term impact on the history of humanity, especially the Muslims. In the battle of Badr, the number of victims who were killed very few, i.e. 70 inhabitants of infidels and 14 the soul of the Muslims.
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