A Brief History Behind The Eau de Cologne 4711

A brief history behind the Eau de Cologne 4711 – The city of Cologne, Germany, is home to the creation of ‘ Eau de Cologne ‘. No wonder many outlets in the city perfume that you can find. And, in the middle of this is you can find perfume ‘ 4711 ‘ is very famous.
Its history began in 1685 when an Italy named Johann Maria Farina created a new fragrance and named it ‘ Eau de Cologne ‘, eventually it was named the city of Cologne. In the city of Cologne this is brand name fragrances named 4711 was created.
Starting in 1881 when William Mulhens-the owner of the rights to produce and distribute ‘ Eau de Cologne ‘, selecting the number 4711, into his Office as a brand name and company. 4711 brand this still continues to this day and is identical to the original “Eau de Cologne”.
No wonder a lot of perfume outlets that you find when visiting the city of Cologne. Some times this view finds a storefront souvenir 4711 original fragrance oil in the middle of the city. For the price, this fragrance oil dibandrol between 1 – 100 Euro. For gift shop, it is enough when you buy a package contains one dusnya mini 4711 can contains 10 vials with a price of about 12 Euro per box.
Cologne city born during the Franconian Empire in the late 5th century a.d. before being taken over by the Prussian people. Most areas of the city damaged by World War II and left is the building Cologne Cathedral that dashing Gothic. This building is one of the largest cathedrals in mainland Europe.
The Cathedral was built in 1248, and completed in 1880. The building has a relief of a Gold Crown named Magi with the towering altar that was named the “King’s House” by Stephan Lochner. The Tower has a height of 157 metres with 500 stairs. From the roof of the tower it would look gorgeous Mountain panorama of the Siebengebirge.
Every day lots of people passed by on the field altar of the Cathedral and its surroundings. Even in the environment of the Cathedral was surrounded by a lot of branded goods shops such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and more.
You need to know! If you want to pay a visit to the city since Sunday don’t shops in Cologne and Germany generally close. There they use the holidays to worship and gather with family. Except for the souvenir shops and restaurants, almost all of the shops are guaranteed close on public holidays. Only tourists from various nations gathered in front of the courtyard of the Church.