A Brief History of Berlin City in 1 Minute

A Brief History of Berlin City – Berlin is the capital of Germany, a country in Central Europe. Berlin is the largest city in Germany, and is also a center of education and culture of Germany. Two of Germany’s leading universities located in the city. It also has some great museums and more than 100 theatre company.
Trade and technology development is important for the economy of Berlin. It is also an industrial center. The factory in Berlin producing electronics, machinery, chemicals, fabrics, and many other products.
A Brief History of Berlin City
Berlin 1913 Der Prager Platz
Berlin was founded in the early 1200 ‘s. In the year 1400, the Prince of Germany makes Berlin as the capital. Berlin is the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia in Germany most of the period 1700 ‘s and 1800 ‘s. This city then became the capital of Germany.
During World War II (1939-1945), Berlin was almost destroyed. The city became a place of heavy bombings and bloody battle. More than 150,000 citizens of Berlin were killed.
Germany lost the war from countries known as allies. The four main allied countries then took over Germany. Soon after the allies divide Germany into two countries: East Germany and West Germany. The Soviet Union had control over East Germany, and they set up a Government that loud in there. Other allied forces made the West Germany as the country of democracy.
Berlin is on East Germany, but its area is also divided. East Berlin became the capital of East Germany. West Berlin was a part of West Germany even though it is separate from other regions in the country (the capital of West Germany was Bonn).
More than two million people to flee from East Berlin to West Berlin between the years 1949 and 1961. To prevent more people escape East Germany, build a Berlin wall around West Berlin a closely guarded. This wall separating West Berlin from East Germany for nearly 30 years.
The Communist Government of East Germany collapsed in 1989. People began to tear down the Berlin wall. In 1990, the two parts of Berlin and Germany reunited. Berlin became the capital of the whole of Germany.