History of Cannibalism in Fiji Islands

History of cannibalism in Fiji Islands – current practice of cannibalism may have become rare, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. Fiji is famous for the beauty of the island, so it is often referred to as “Paradise in the heart of the South Pacific”. The Fiji Islands turned out to have a terrible history which is about cannibalisit could be interpreted as meat eaters of men. When cannibalism occurred in Fiji? What is the reason that cannibalism took place in Fiji? When cannibalism in Fiji end? The following is the history of the past in Fiji.
Fiji Islands located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia. History of cannibalism in Fiji takes place in ancient times, when the Fiji Islands haven’t touched culture from outside. The practice of cannibalism occurs typically become fine dining menu comes from an enemy who was killed during the battle between tribes took place. Some people say that the history of cannibalism in Fiji is the way to survive when they sail long, so it takes a lot of food provision, those who survived eating the dead in cruise.
History of cannibalism in Fiji

When did cannibalism occur in Fiji?

Based on the source of the Fiji Museum, practice cannibalism in Fiji Islands have a long history that is lasting for more than 2,500 years. It has been proven by the discovery of some remains of human beings through the study of history in multiple sites and existing heritage places in Fiji. The practice of cannibalism in Fiji was in 1986 with the death of a missionary named Reverend Thomas Baker.

Why did people eat other in Fiji?

As already explained above, namely because of the wars between the tribes and the long voyages so that should survive. In addition, other things that become the cause of occurrence of cannibalism in Fiji, namely the limited natural resources while increasing population, competition for women and glory. The trust has already planted namely papilla eat the enemy would bequeath their knowledge is also one of the reason’s cannibalism occurs continuously in Fiji.

How to practice cannibalism in Fiji?

In the practice of cannibalism took place, residents of the island of Fiji when it has specialized equipment to feed on each other. Here we can see one of the tableware used by the cannibalism of existing Fiji.
History of cannibalism in Fiji
The image is a tool that is similar to the fork. Not everyone is allowed to use a fork, only chiefs who could use it. The fork is very special and sacred, thus also saved special places namely the smoky hut.
The reasons about the causes of the practice of cannibalism in Fiji is actually a bit confusing, but it is approaching the truth is because tribal and spiritual reasons. Process of eating human flesh just do not directly, but through some process of ritual. One of the process i.e. with ritual chants and also used a special fork.
The practice of cannibalism or fellow eaters that occurs in Fiji last took place in 1867. Victims of cannibalism that is the Reverend Thomas Baker along with 6 of their students, they were killed and eaten in Central Viti Levu. The killing occurred due to a tribal chief reject about the spread of Christian beliefsto replace an existing belief in Fiji.
During this time, the society of Fiji considers that cannibalism is a historical event that took place in the past, and hope it will not happen again. For now, most Christians in Fiji considers that cannibalism is a part of history. This is proven by whom he turned some heritage cannibalism in Fiji as trinkets are sold in stores. In addition, the residence of the last tribe of Cannibal Caves namely as tourist attractions. May be useful, thank you.